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Software Name: ABAQUS 2018


Finite Element Modeling and Finite Element Analysis Software

Software Name: DEFORM 2D/3D


Engineering Software for Analyzing Metal Molding, Heat Treatment, Machining and Machine Coupling Processes

Software Name: MATLAB 2019b


Analyze Data, Develop Dlgorithms, and Create Mathematical Models

Software Name: TSL OIM Analysis 7


Multithreaded Operation, EBSD Pattern Indexing, Anti-Grains Analysis, Correlative Plots, HDF5 Support, Correlative Microscopy

Software Name: ARAMIS


Real-Time Measurement of Deformations, Optical 3D Motion and Strain Analysis

Software Name: PARAVIEW


Visulization of 3D Microstructure

Software Name: DREAM 3D


3D Microstructure Reconstruction, 3D Synthetic Microstructure Building


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